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Conquering the Matterhorn
Serious inventory issues for cold remedy brand

During the 2018-2019 cold & flu season, the cold remedy brand had chain-wide out of stocks during peak sales periods and was continually behind on replenishment. 


Critical sales were lost for a highly impulsive & competitive category.

"How can we leverage detailed POS data to influence Target’s inventory decisions and improve out of stock issues?"  
Looking at 3 years of data, the Jacobs analytics team revealed 3 distinct peaks in the cold and flu season.
Target agreed to increase inventory commitments at the beginning of the cold and flu season to capture those critical peak sales periods. 
  • $500,000 increase in cost shipments.

  • Brand sales have outperformed competitors by 7.7% and are outperforming their own sales at other retailers.

  • Out of stocks are at 1.5%, compared to 8.7% the prior year.

  • Improved market share by .54%

  • While we can't technically measure it, we believe fewer sniffles!

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