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Digital Growth Accelerator
Are your brands ready on Target.com?

If your Target.com business is behind, you need to catch up - and fast. Sales are shifting so quickly online that you need to get your online content and strategy in shape in order to 

maintain share. 


Your Digital content and Sales strategies on Target.com have never mattered more than today. The new eCommerce adoption curve has likely been accelerated 5-10 years in a matter of weeks. 


Jacobs' Digital Growth Accelerator program quickly gets your brand working harder online. Work with us to update your content, increase reviews and drive sales through marketing programs on Target.com.

Step 1: Get your brand's PDP content to a 90% health score on Target.com
Step 2: Increase online 
guest reviews through Jacobs' review seeding
Step 3: Add additional sales-driving programs like paid search, digital marketing, and Target Circle programs
3.9x lift in conversion with inclusion of video
1.6x more likely to purchase with multiple images
Reviews can result in 2.5x lift in conversion

Target’s content score expectation is 90.


Most vendors are around 60.


Where are you?

How healthy is your digital content?

Your digital content on Target.com has never mattered more than it does today. Consumers in masses are quickly shifting their shopping online. Your digital item content is key to converting guests and driving sales.  


The first step to our Digital Growth Accelerator program is to improve your brand’s Product Detail Page (PDP) content. We focus on quality by providing SEO analysis, lifestyle photos, video and answering guest questions. We aren’t happy until your brand hits a score of 90. 

Target's scorecard requires 8 reviews per item to reach 90. Our Review Seeding process is fast, affordable and reliable and on average will result in 8 new reviews for your product online. 

Jacobs has a database of reliable consumers who can review your products. We execute the entire process for you and follow up follow up with them to until they complete their review.  


Do all of your items have at least 8 reviews?

If not, your brand will likely be ignored.


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