Frontier Analytics
We use data differently so your brand grows

Jacobs' team of data scientists and analysts use data as a key input to drive decision making, improve understanding of your core guest, and maximize sales opportunities for your brand.

Frontier Analytics from Jacobs, identifies true guest behaviors and formulates a clear understanding of brand perception and brand opportunities at Target.

Know your guest.
Our competitive

Hundreds of variables to isolate specific demographics that influence your brand

Jacobs' proprietary tool that takes segmentation deeper to pinpoint the best neighborhoods for your brand

We are experts using industry-leading proprietary analytical tools.

Statistical rigor
and depth.

A deeper picture of your brand and opportunities to grow sales.

Shopper Guide

Improve understanding of your core guest and how your brand is unique to the category

Who is my brand’s guest and how is that different from competitors?

Where is my brand leaking? What demographic is leaking?

What is my brand’s basket metrics and share of wallet?

Brand Growth


Maximize sales opportunities within your brand to increase shipments and profitability

What are my true lost sales when out of stock by store?

How are my items selling differently by store by season?

Where can I increase my planogram space?

What stores should my brand be in?



Maximize sales opportunities within the category and retailer

Where is my brand winning and losing to competitors?

What is the vicinity impact on sales with other retailers?

Where does my brand over index to the store or category?

Elevate your retailer partnerships with data, insights, and solutions aligned to their goals. Our products focus on immediate implementation of quick wins, which improve ROI and builds your brand.

The new
Data geeks.
Your goals.
Our insights.

Have a different question? We love helping our clients get answers to their most pressing business questions.


All our capabilities can be customized to meet the needs of your brand.

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