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Manufacturer's Representation.


We are a team of collaborative retail experts with a mission to connect and guide for our partners to thrive. We serve as an extension of our partners’ businesses to navigate the retailer eco-system and set them up for success. We believe increasing sales requires relentless passion to meet consumer demands, an understanding of a strong omnichannel presence, and the knowledge to propel businesses forward into the future of retail. 

We work with manufacturers and brands on providing a truly customer-focused experience by blending the digital world with the physical world. From online content to social media listening, we create a brand presence that elevates the shopping experience and increases sales.

The next big thing in retail?

Solving problems.


That's what we're here to do - solve problems for the Target guest. Think of a product that provides value in your life. Is it because it was the most expensive? It's most likely because it's solving a problem for you.


The next big thing in retail isn't a new product flavor or color that is slightly different from the last model, but rather something that provides value in a whole new way.  Jacobs Marketing gives clients access to powerful retail analytics, social media data, and strategy consultants that help solve problems.

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