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Stop focusing on driving trips

Sure, when the customer is in the store, they buy more stuff; they spend more money. So naturally, you want to “drive more trips” to get them into the store, so they buy more stuff, and spend more money.

But what about what THEY want? Ask yourself, do you, as a consumer, want to make another trip to the store? Or do you want what you want, when you want it, and where you want it? Building your strategy around driving extra trips to a physical location isn’t a sustainable one because it is not rooted in filling a need for the consumer. Repeat with me—consumer needs first, sales later. You could say the same about business customers too.

It’s not to say that maybe the solution for your business AND the solution for the customer line up to be “more trips”, but don’t start there. Beginning with that mindset will blind you to other creative opportunities that may exist to drive more sales, and drive more love for your brand.

Figure out the consumer need that you can fulfill first. Then figure out how to make sure they are fulfilling that need with your product or service. If you need the consumer to buy more, you need the consumer to need more. Start there.

And if “drive more trips” is still where you end up, you must have one heck of a ploy.

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