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Investing in digital education

You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and expect to be in business tomorrow. We have seen many companies fade over the past decade. What did they have in common? They all failed to connect with the modern consumer, realize the power of digital transformation, and relied too heavily on their past successes. Clients of Jacobs Marketing have a unique opportunity to attend our many digital & omnichannel education workshops. Join us for a day of digital learning!

Digital Urgency

Retail is an established industry with established beliefs. These perceptions have been ingrained through our training, our organizational structure, and our leaders and we all accept these beliefs. During this session, our facilitators want to shake up and test the very limits of this mindset. Digital isn’t about to change everything around us – it already has changed us; and not just retail. It has already amplified deep human behaviors, but has also altered the way we interact with guests fundamentally. Digital is here to stay and its impacts are felt constantly through disruption of traditional power structures and reinvention of business models.

The future of retail

Given this shifting landscape, we experience gaps and opportunities waiting to be discovered and learned. The participants are encouraged to explore new possibilities for growth and to identify a new mindset in the future of retail.

We leave our clietns with a spark that will change the way they think and react to the rising changes and challenges in retail. We don’t mean that in some vague distant future, but to start creating change the following morning.

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