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Conducting a mobile shopping audit

Mobile - where the guest is shopping and what you can do about it.

You bring it with you everywhere. You can’t leave home without it. Your mobile phone is essentially attached to your hip and shows no signs of leaving that spot anytime soon until technology evolves into more wearables. The experience you get from your mobile phone is much more advanced then the Zack Morris days when it was exciting to have big boxy phone that wouldn’t even fit in your back pocket - that is, if you even had a mobile phone at all. Now-a-days it is almost a necessity to survive and the Target guest is living proof.

Recently, the Jacobs Marketing Guest Insights team conducted a digital shop-a-long in which guests were invited to share their personal shopping experience with us. Our biggest discovery shouldn’t come as a shocker - it’s all about mobile! From Instagram to Pinterest to retail specific apps, the guest is constantly searching their mobile phone for inspiration and deals. The opportunities are endless and all available with the touch of the screen in front of them. Knowing this simple, yet very complicated, piece of information, what should we do with it?

It’s a question that is constantly brought up by vendors and Target alike. The answer is still being explored, but there are some simple solutions to work through in order to make sure your brand is “mobile-friendly”.

1. Start by picking up your mobile device and shop your products.

2. How easy was it to find the items you were looking for? Did they come up in your search or did you have to do some digging? If you did find your items, did they give you a clear and accurate description of what your items are and/or do?

3. Do your items have guest reviews that helped you make a purchasing decision?

4. What about Social Media? Do you have a Social Media presence?

These are just a few simple questions to ask yourself to get the ball rolling. You might be surprised how much you will discover. Ask Jacobs Marketing how we can help enhance the mobile shopping experience for your brand.

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