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Instacart. Insta-everything

How do you create new marketspace for your brand?

First, it was Instagram - share your life moments and photos in an instant. Next, Instapage - create your own web landing page in one minute. Now, Insta-Cart - groceries delivered to your door in an instant. I may never have to leave my condo again. Some may call it lazy, but for those of us who can’t seem to find enough hours in the day, it’s efficient and convenient.

I had my groceries delivered yesterday. While this is not a new phenomenon, Cobourn’s and Schwann’s have been delivering food by trucks for decades, what’s the difference? Why is this now taking off? The difference for the consumer - Instacart is super easy. Users can use their desktop or mobile app. People are becoming aware of the fact that it’s fresh and you have options; moreso than a frozen chicken cordon blue. The difference for Instacart– they are saving on overhead by using existing supermarkets and they are saving on payroll by hiring part-time drivers to use their own cars for delivery. One more perk for them - no maintenance on the cars. It’s like Uber, but for groceries. A win for everyone!

Here is how it works - I stumbled upon Instacart on a Facebook ad. How did Facebook know that I barely have time to buy groceries? I heard about Instacart that same week in a workshop I attended at work. Double validation for me that I should probably stop eating out most meals and try this grocery delivery concept. I sign on to the website and the process is easy. You pick your store. You pick your items. You are texted if your shopper needs to replace something on your list. You get a text when they are on their way to your location. Boom - within an hour and a half, my grocery shopping is completed and I’m able to use the time working out and catching up on other things in life. How’s that for efficiency? Tip - Free delivery on your first order and $25 in coupons each time you refer somebody when they use the service.

Bottom line is, grocery delivery is not revolutionary. It’s not new. But, Instacart found their niche and re-invented a service that has been stale for many years, if not decades. As a consumer brand, here are questions to consider:

  • How can you apply this way of thinking to your brand and company?

  • What’s your niche?

  • What does your market look like and how can you be different?

  • What markets and categories, outside of your own, are trending? And, how can these trends cross over into your market, company, or brand?

  • Check out www.blueoceanstrategy.com for more thought starters and ideas on how to start to “create uncontested marketspace”.

What’s next? Instachef, Instadog-walker. Instafashion. Instalaundry. Insta- “insert wish here”.

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