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Trend Shopping in Portugal - fruit jams with style!

Recently, our team was in Porto, Portugal - home of port wine on the western coast of southern Europe. We spotted a unique retail experience with a pantry staple - fruit jams! Meia Dúzia (meaning "half dozen" in Portuguese) is a Portuguese fruit jam company with a fascinating way of packaging and providing a personalized in-store experience. Meia Dúzia seeks to amaze with the creation of unexpected and unique flavors. They use genuine Portuguese ingredients such as Port Wine, Douro Moscatel and Madeira Wine. Some of their unique flavor mixtures are pumpkin and orange jam with honey, cinnamon and Port wine, blackberry jam with hazelnut and nutmeg, Rocha pear and red currant jam with lemon balm and pink pepper.

Packaged in aluminum tubes, the jams are made for spreading on breads, crackers, and other pastries. Their concept of using tubes reduces exposure to air after opening and the fruit does not oxidize with light. Their in-store experience includes a tasting table to try out new flavors on croissants with cheese.

Retail Trend: Cultivating Community

If you attended our Jacobs Marketing School of Insights session in spring 2016, you learned about 10 macrotrends in retail. Meia Dúzia meets the trend of Cultivating Community. To set brands apart from the competition, retailers should transact in culture, experiences and relationships. Creating opportunities for consumers and fans to come together around the halo of the brand builds value on top of existing products and services. By cultivating communal experiences within a store and inviting customers in to take part, brands can create engaging moments that shoppers will seek out apart from core-product offerings. In the store, guests can sample products at the center table with explanations and pairing recommendations from the store employees. The store offers a small cafe with coffee drinks, cheeses, and light snacks to make the store experience with the product even more unique.

Retail Trend: Deliver Delight

The concept of this store truly delivers delight when you walk through the doors. Their signature customizable 6-pack of jams makes it possible to bring home unique flavors and enjoy it in your home or a gift for a friend. Our team's favorite flavors: São Tomé dark chocolate with orange, apple cinnamon, and rosemary honey! Check out more at their website at: http://www.meiaduzia.pt/en/home

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