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What’s your digital strategy?

Behind every powerful brand is a powerful digital strategy. Jacobs Marketing possess the rare talent to understand the Target omnichannel guest, cultivate an authentic online merchandising story, and create omnichannel experiences that delight the guest, increase sales, and inspire brand loyalty.

97% of items are set up incorrectly on Target.com

That's right - it's an incredibly complex process and Jacobs Marketing handles all activities to set up your products quickly and accurately in Target’s systems to drive store and online sales. Because more than 80% of guests with a smartphone are using it in store it's important to get all of your content right the first time. Improve sales conversion for your products by optimizing the content on the Product Detail Page (PDP). Jacobs Marketing digital services program will audit your online content and provide recommendations.

61% of guests read reviews before making a purchase

Our exclusive Review Seeding program allows us to tap into our powerful user database and increase the number of guest reviews for your products on Target.com. We are able to target unique demographics for your products and gain product reviews that is necessary to drive a confident purchasing decision for your consumers.

How does Review Seeding work?

1) Let us know what product you'd like more reviews for and what demographics you are targeting (Examples: age, gender, region, children, income, etc).

2) Jacobs Marketing sends sample products to your targeted guests using our expansive database.

3) Guests use your product and write a review on Target.com

View our video about the digital retail services Jacobs Marketing offers to our Target vendor partners. Whether you need help with setting up items on Target.com or already have your items listed and need to increase the amount of product reviews, we'll be able to help you.

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