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Trend Shopping in Sweden - The Kitchen

This weekend brought us to Denmark and Sweden - known for their impeccable home design products. Walking down the cafe and shop-lined streets of Copenhagen, it's hard to miss the uniquely styled home decor stores. Each unique space is inviting with Scandinavian design and brings a sense of coziness - or as the Danes call it, hygge. While exploring the city of Gothenburg, Sweden one place that really caught our eye was The Kitchen. From the outside, this small store looks like one big kitchen, but with a closer look each item has a price tag and is carefully curated and placed to inspire the shopping experience.

The Kitchen - is a store concept from the home interior store, Artillereit. Here they present beautiful handcrafted kitchen products, utensils and unique everyday objects, made for staying within families for generations. An exterior window tells the story of what a kitchen means to everyone - "This is where we share our secrets, where me make mistakes...it is where we gather, no matter how crowded."

The products at The Kitchen have a range of vintage design to modern products from well-known brands to up and coming specialty designers. It's easy to envision these products in your home when displayed in this setting - have you ever walked into a store and said, "I want everything in here!"? This is the place where that happens. What we love about how The Kitchen meets the demands of the modern retail consumer is that it fuels confidence in the purchase. Consumers seek out trusted advice when making purchase decisions. When their friends aren’t available to help make those choices, retailers need to be on hand to offer that support. Taking advantage of known customer styles and how their products would be used or displayed in their space can enhance existing service and contribute to more personalized experiences. Brands should be aware of how they are getting to know their customers and what they will do with that knowledge.


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