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How to be ready for what's next in retail: be a curious and courageous explorer

We celebrate our successes and look forward to new opportunities. At Jacobs Marketing, we stay ahead in today's ultra-competitive retail market by challenging ourselves to become more efficient and more intelligent, providing our vendors with the best experience possible. New to our leadership values is "Be a curious and courageous explorer", but what does that mean?

Adding a new leadership core value

The Jacobs Marketing team works with Studio/E on mapping out our company's purpose and bringing our whole team together to explore leadership development together. In today's retail environment it's important to make people comfortable with ambiguity and change. We recently spent an entire day learning, discussing, and transforming our team to be a curious and courageous explorer. Jackie Gibney, President of Jacobs Marketing, explains, "The reason why we are doing this is because our other 3 values (No I in Team, Act Like You Own It, and Customer Service) got us to where we’re at, but those are mainstays right now. It’s not new. With things changing so fast we knew that in order to grow and to get ahead, we needed to look for what’s next versus reacting."

Focus on progress, not perfection

How will this change how we work on a daily basis? “It’s a mindset more than anything," explains Gibney, "being curious – asking the why-why-why, until you become more immersed and being outwardly focused. It will help our team know and navigate their business better. We want to create space where our team can be explorers. Everyone feels like like they’re at 150% of capacity so we need to free up some of their time because ideally, 10% of your week should be about thinking and exploring the business. This will train ourselves to be ready for what’s next."

Breaking down Curious and Explorer

Being curious is part of the explorer mindset, but it's not enough. You get the why, but you don’t necessarily have to do anything about it. Being courageous means that you actually do something about – learn to say no or yes to the things that matter. "This is the doing," tells Gibney

How will this mindset benefit our partners?

For our vendors, they will benefit from the clarity we will have written out for them. This will allow us to be more prescriptive with strategy and execution and give practical direction on what they should be doing with their brands at Target. For our partners at Target, they will benefit in a few ways - it will help us find things that don’t exist today and be more comfortable with decisions. Gibney adds, "We’re going to find new stuff – new brands, new segments, makes their jobs easier. We can help Target explore new market space."

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