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Trend Shopping in England: Boots UK nails in-store personalization

Our team hit the ground in the United Kingdom this month and one in-store feature that caught our eyes was the amount of personalization services at Boots stores. If you're not familiar with Boots UK, the company operates over 2,500 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland ranging from local pharmacies to large health and beauty stores. In the United States, customers can access Boots products at all Target stores.


Engraving: In the middle of the beauty area, customers will find numerous counters to personalize each beauty item from perfume bottles to makeup brushes. Signage in the area instructs customers to select their favorite item and then bring it to an employee for engraving.

Build Your Own Palette: For customers that are selective when it comes to shades and don't want to buy multiple palettes, the Makeup Obsession Build Your Own Palette station make this a thing of the past. In the store, you can pick up an 8 or 12 disk palette and pick and choose which products you’d like to put inside. Opt for eye shadows, blushers, highlights, and even creams.

Build Your Own Beauty Box: Customers can also build their very own beauty box in the Boots Emporium, choosing from high end and luxurious products to put together for their very own beauty selection. With brands such as Benefit and Estee Lauder offering travel sized samples, customers can choose 3 pieces for £25, with their individual values being far, far higher. Pink and grey Boots branding are unique to the beauty box and can be decorated with ribbon too – even that can be personalised to make the gift even more unique.

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