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How to write online product descriptions that sell

When shoppers enter a brick and mortar store to buy something, they read packing and in-store marketing signs that highlight product descriptions and promotions. But why do some brands and sites still struggle with this same logic with their e-commerce site?

If you want to increase your online purchase conversion rate, your product descriptions should be:

  1. Able to attract the attention and break through the noise of more products;

  2. Good enough to explain the physical and emotional experience of buying the product;

  3. Clear and concise;

  4. Able to answer the common concerns and questions about the product, and

  5. include different components like images and videos.

Another component to consider is not only should your future consumer love the product description, but search engines - like Google or internal like Target.com should as well. In the product planning process, descriptions, along with images should be part of your entire omnichannel strategy.

Here are a few tips on how to write product descriptions that sell:

1. Tap the imagination of your consumer

Online, your consumer cannot touch or feel the product, so you have to be more illustrative with the their imagination. Use words so they know what it would feel like to touch, see, taste, or wear this product.

Take a look at this example given by Caribou Coffee:

2. Create an online persona of your product

How would you describe the personality of the product description to someone in real life? What would be the tone of your voice? Would you sound funny, serious or rather be causal? Help your consumer envision the personality of this product and how it can play into their life.

Take a look this description given for the Goodfellow & Co T-shirt on Target.com for example:

3. Remove the guilt

In the article “How to Write Product Descriptions That Will Make Customers Love Your Brand” by Martina Mercer, she says that there is a buyer’s guilt in everyone. Usually, when they are buying something for themselves, they often go on a guilt trip for spending on themselves.

So when you write a product description, make sure that they do not feel bad after the purchase. Mercer asks sellers to use certain terms and tactics along with product descriptions. These include:

  • Complimenting customers for finding a good deal

  • Give the necessary product descriptions

  • Project it as a one-time offer

  • Make the product look unique

  • Describe the multiple attributes of it

  • Tell them it’s a bargain

  • Explain why it is a money saving deal

  • Don’t use words like “treat”, “splash,” or “expensive"

4. Use keywords correctly

It's a never ending battle to rank high on search engines so you probably use certain keywords repeatedly and sprinkling them all over your product detail page. Many retailers believe that overusing a keyword will solve all their search problems, but it can actually harm your conversion rater by making your copy look weak and unauthentic.

Use your keywords in a thoughtful and a natural manner so that your content easily shows up on search engines. Usually a well-written title is good enough. But a good Meta description with the first 100 words written creatively also helps up to a great extent.

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