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K-Beauty Pops at Target!

Korean beauty has blown up in the United States over the past year and now has become a major trend. K-beauty fans used to have to trek to their city's local Korean town or browse obscure websites in order to get their hands on sheet masks, gel moisturizers, and watery essence. In 2017, it's easier than ever to stock up on your favorite items with drugstores, department stores, and beauty meccas Sephora and Ulta stocking these items.

However, there seems to be some confusion about what "K-beauty" really is. The "K" stands for Korean, meaning that K-beauty is any beauty product hailing from South Korea. What makes K-beauty so unique? In Korea, skin culture goes beyond products, and both men and women will go to great lengths to protect and nurture their skin. Whether they use sun umbrellas to shield themselves from UVA rays or drink antioxidant tea to prevent premature aging (and they probably do both), Koreans recognize that skin care is a holistic practice. There are several individual steps that contribute to the overall goal of beautiful skin. Whereas traditionally, in the US, cosmetics have been used to cover up skin.

A new endcap at Target "Glow Studio for Target" highlighting the K-beauty assortment launched on 9/10. This isn’t Target’s first time carrying K-beauty products, but it is the first time that an entire endcap has been dedicated to this beauty trend taking the US by storm. Glow Studio for Target is the first curated K-beauty program specific for the retailer.

No Brand Loyalty? Korean consumers rarely stick with one brand, which keeps beauty companies on their toes. Shoppers are constantly in the market for the next best thing, and the Korean beauty industry has to develop products quickly to satisfy those needs. This also means the products have to deliver, because no one’s sticking around if they don’t work. People aren't very familiar with the Korean brands but people know the K-beauty regimen. Glo-Studio is a curator of K-beauty products into the US and they bring 20 plus years of beauty experience.

All of the featured products on this endcap are exclusive to Target and Jacobs is honored to be involved with pioneering K-beauty products to Target guests in more than 1500 stores. More exciting marketing partnerships and events with K-beauty are coming!

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