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Experiential shopping without gimmicks

It seemed like in 2017, retailers couldn't get enough of adding things to the store experience to lure shoppers in their doors from DJs in salons to pop-up organic lemonade stands in a book store. It's almost to a point where it seems like a gimmick. In their quest to appear to be on trend with millennials, these bells and whistles at times never seemed to quite fit with the brand. A new and unique experience needs to add real value for their core consumer. Here are two good examples of retailers providing a good shopping experience that actually makes sense:

London’s House of Vans, which made a concrete commitment to counterculture when it opened a custom BMX and skate park in the bottom of its flagship store. This gives their customers a place to do something that they love and it relates well to the brand. This provides value well after the purchase is complete.

Lisbon's Nespresso store in Chiado: with a new store remodel complete in December of 2017, the new store added a coffee and dessert bar with local staple treats of Lisbon, Pastéis da Nata. This location is nestled among many street cafes in a historic neighborhood so naturally this retailer fits right in. This store went from a location where you mainly went in to buy your coffee pods (which you can do online) to an experience where you can try new flavors in a way you would at home with your favorite treat (which you can't do online). Even if the customer doesn't have a need at the time to buy new pods for home, Nespresso can still gain sales in between transactions by offering products related to the coffee experience.

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