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One size does not fit all - how bespoke beauty is changing the industry

In the past, buying beauty products meant heading to a brick and mortar store and grabbing a bottle off the shelf. The products weren’t bad, but consumers had to fit themselves within a few options. No believes they’re the “all-types” when it comes to their skin type or hair. This isn’t a new thought and it’s downright shocking that the beauty industry has finally adopted a more customizable approach to products. Powered by the consumers’ beliefs that they know who they are and want something that strengthens their identity, the beauty industry is tackling this need with more customizable products.

Welcome to Bespoke Beauty. According to Harper's Bazaar, it's the biggest trend in the industry for 2018.. So what exactly is Bespoke Beauty? It's skincare, make-up, body care, and fragrance brands putting the uniqueness of each customer in the middle of what they do. As Harper's Bazaar further explains, "While beauty trends of the past tended to focus on one prescribed look, like the 90s brow, super-straight tresses or contouring, as 2018 approaches we are seeing the customer taking a bigger role in the products that make up their beauty routines - in a shift that neatly mirrors the industry's late move towards greater diversity."

If you want to learn more beauty trends for 2018. Download our beauty white paper HERE.


Fragrance | United States & online | www.target.com

Launched at Target in early 2018, the niche fragrance brand includes four collections inspired by different personalities: Confident and Charming, Good and Grounded, Vibrant and Playful, and Cool and Collected. Each collection then includes for unique scents that come in perfume, body sprays and rollerballs.

“Beauty at Target is all about the joy of discovering products that work best for you, and we want to ensure this philosophy rings true in fragrances,” said Christina Hennington, senior vice president of Beauty and Essentials at Target. “That’s why we are reinvigorating our fragrance collection by introducing Good Chemistry, an exclusive brand that is all about inspiring our guests to find unique scents that they love.”

The vegan and paraben-free scents are made with essential oils and will be available in all Target stores starting Jan. 21. To help guests find their best scent, they can test out the different fragrances in store before selecting a favorite.


Modular hair care | Sweden & online | martinssonking.com

With the Martinsson King hair care system, you personalize your shampoo and conditioner to your needs. Combine and layer with Infusion serums, just like you layer your skincare or makeup. Users personalize their products by completing an online survey for customization.


Skin care | U.K. & online | www.facegym.com

U.K facial bar company FaceGym brought their personalized services to the masses, adding in "Make It" bars in Selfridges stores late last year. Customers can now blend their own serum oil with the personalized helps of expert mixologists. Consumers feel the unique attention as they own the whole selection process of ingredients, naming the bottle and even the packaging.

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