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Designed for Millennials and Gen Z - Beauty Store Riley Rose is a Tribute to the New Consumer

As legacy retailers are pivoting their brands, stores, and products to meet the demands of Millennial and Gen Z consumers, Linda and Esther Chang, the daughters of the Forever 21 founders are launching a new beauty store that is designed from the start with these consumers in mind. In co-founder Linda Chang's own words, it's a literal "homage to millennials." It's an experience, it's Instagramable, and it's pink. Very, very pink.

The first store launched near Los Angeles last October with new stores opening up this month near Jacobs' hometown in Minnetonka, MN. After this spring, the beauty retailer will have 12 brick and mortar locations and a full assortment available online. The press release for the launch includes phrases like "dream world," "lifestyle universe" and "high-sensory fantasyland." Riley Rose designed their stores with the hopes that shoppers will spend a lot of time with them: trying out new products, taking an Instagram, and ultimately buying something new.

Riley Rose is not all flashy displays and pretty colors, however. As consumers shift away from mass brands, they're looking for products that are bespoke and unique as themselves. From Korean brands to natural beauty, they're stocking the brands beauty consumers under the age of 40 are craving. An important point of differentiation from other beauty stores — candy, small accessories, and whimsical home goods. According to Chang, the store carries approximately 200 brands, about 80 of which she estimates are beauty. She says that brands will rotate in and out based on popularity and to provide constant “discovery” opportunities for customers.

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