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Trend Watch: Body and Facial Wipes for Men

Facial and body wipes have been trending in women's beauty categories for years, but just over the past few years we've been seeing an increase of product options for men. As more men groom with personal care products, brands and retailers are seeing opportunities to expand the wipes market. It's safe to say that men's facial and body wipes are officially a thing now and we've talked to a few men throughout the US to see why they use facial and body wipes.

Brands have been manufacturing facial and body wipes for men for nearly a decade now, but mainly limited to premium brands like Anthony, Jack Black, and other small speciality brands. Target is increasing their assortment to include mass merchandising brands like GoodWipes, YesTo, and Dude Wipes.

GoodWipes describes its hygiene wipes as "pretty much a shower in a wipe." These are products that are individually wrapped in order to help men feel fresh between showers, especially during or after travel, sports activities or long nights out.

Jeremy F from Chicago, Illinois uses Jack Black All Over Wipes because he uses other Jack Black products. "I always keep a pack in backpack. I use them most when traveling— especially on planes," says Jeremy, "but I will also use one if I was sweating after a walk at work."

Steven H in Minneapolis uses facial wipes to save time in the evening. "Honestly, I use them because at night I am lazy and it’s a quick way to clean the day's oil off my face," explains Steven. Landon G from Washington DC always keeps a few in his bag if he is going to an event after work and doesn't have time to shower.

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