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Jacobs announces creation of Frontier Analytics - data analytics and insights team

Data is the new currency in retail. This change isn’t only happening with ecommerce and digital, but companies can use vast amounts of consumer data to create more accurate strategies in brick and mortar stores. The challenge for the retail world is to use this data to answer questions, translating them into knowledge of Target guest habits, tastes and preferences, and using them to create more margin and sales for their business while also enhancing the guest experience.

Jacobs is thrilled to announce the launch of Frontier Analytics, our full service research, analytics, and insights team that can elevate your brand presence with robust data and insights to win at Target. Frontier Analytics combines advanced proprietary analytical tools and statistical rigor to create impactful sales stories that influence shopping behavior, help brands understand their guest behavior, and search for new ways to increase market share and sales.

Curt Hedin, Director of Analytics at Jacobs explains, “We know how important using data-driven analysis is important for Target in everything from line reviews to joint business planning so we’ve created a team of data scientists, business leaders, and research specialists with diverse business backgrounds to help our clients.”

The Frontier Analytics team has experience spanning multiple retailers and the healthcare industry. Curt also adds, “We want to arm our clients with the information and insights they need to influence Target and increase sales for both teams.”

The Frontier Analytics team at Jacobs can connect data that uses hundreds of variables to isolate specific demographics that influence your brand. By connecting multiple sources such as Target POS, market panel data, government data, and even competitor store locations, brands will be able to get the answers to many questions needed to drive growth. From minimizing lost sales by store or where distribution should increase based on hyper-local demographics, the team is excited to discover the answers that improve retail strategies. Katrina Swanson, Sr. Insights Analyst says, “With Frontier Analytics, I’m most excited about helping our clients make sense of data and get answers to their toughest questions.”

Frontier Analytics will create tailored solutions for the diverse brands and categories we service at any level from core to advanced. Our three focus programs are:

  • Shopper Guide: provides analysis on how to improve understanding of your core guest and how your brand is unique to the category.

  • Brand Growth Navigator: maximizes sales opportunities within your brand to increase shipments and profitability by analyzing gaps in the supply chain, demographic influence on sales, and in-season execution.

  • Market Explorer: helps clients understand the brand’s share, sales growth and market share compared to competitors and expose regional and store level trends of the brand’s performance.

Data analytics is extremely important for businesses in the retail industry. The value of guest data is something organizations cannot afford to ignore whether you’re a small brand or a big one. By working with Frontier Analytics from Jacobs to understand the Target guest, retail businesses can increase their value and thrive in this competitive world. To read more about Frontier Analytics CLICK HERE!

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