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We're in love with Target's upgraded men's grooming aisle

Target is upgrading their men's grooming aisle with a refresh that has us excited and inspired to try new products and take grooming and style to the next level! This spring, the company announced that its focus would be on investing in new products, trends and services that elevate the department. Part of those refocusing efforts involves introducing a new in-store experience in men’s grooming across 11 of its locations, with plans to update the department in 80 more locations by the end of the year.

“Guys are more style savvy and selective than ever and they spend a considerable amount of time researching products before they make a purchase, which is why we’re upping our game with the assortment and experiences we’re creating just for men” Mark Tritton, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Target, said. “By doubling down on our men’s grooming offerings and elevating the experience, we’re giving our male guests even more reasons to choose Target.”

We recently shopped the downtown Minneapolis Target store to view the upgraded section with more than 600 brands, new signage, and cross-merchandising that made us fall in love! Take a look at what our team found:

Style + Grooming: in this section, guests will find traditional grooming products like shave and facial care along side other style products like wallets, bags, and hats.

Product information - new signage explains product and brand features

Lifestyle inspiration: Masculine wood shelving with hand towels gives this section the locker room feel. Don't skip leg day!

Boutique Salon Feel: Mixed in with products, mirrors, images, and various display cases give this area a personalized salon experience

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