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Casper’s Nap Spa Sells Sleep (and hopefully their mattresses)

Capser continues to capitalize on consumer trends. From the beginning, the brand has kept a keen eye on what consumers crave and what the retail environment was requesting. A few years ago, there was an uptick of digital-first brands moving offline as consumers wanted to try before the buy and they quickly found a way to align to that trend, selling through partner stores like Target and West Elm. They eventually began selling through their own stores to take full control of their retail experience and have seen success with that since.

As experiential marketing moments grew to be a main way to win consumer hearts, they also jumped in on that trend by targeting millennials and Gen Zers with partnerships with brands like Refinery29.

Now, as experiential retail environments are quickly becoming the new norm, they opened a New York nap spa in NoHo that is next door to its retail store. This is a perfect way to build brand relevancy, as mindfulness and self-care are heightened focuses for many these days given the current realities of the world around us. Understanding that sometimes people just need a break to recharge, Casper designed a beautiful, zen-inducing space called the Dreamery that positions the brand as a wellness ally while also soft-selling their signature items like mattresses and pillows.

The Dreamery allows consumers to take 45-minute naps for $25 in one of their 9 nap pods. The whole experience is multi-sensory – with specific sight, smell, sound, taste and touch experiences meant to reduce stress.

Dim lighting, calming colors that mimic moving from day to night and lighting that looks like stars at twilight to stimulate sense of sight.

Aromatherapy oils diffused throughout the space to stimulate sense of smell.

A curated playlist that plays as you enter the experience and a guided Headspace meditation you can listen to via headphones as you nap to stimulate sense of sound. A selection of healthy snacks is in the lobby to enjoy pre or post nap to stimulate sense of taste. And lastly, pajamas and various spa-like products are available to use to stimulate sense of touch.

While it’s evident this is a wellness space, the soft sell of their products is not as much. You’re never pitched anything; there isn’t a discount promoting a purchase after your experience; there aren’t even labels on which products in your nap pod are Casper. This is simply an experience they hope is loved enough to explore how consumers can mimic it in their own homes, ultimately by using Casper products.

Visit @ 196 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012

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