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What if 7-Eleven merged with Whole Foods?

The Goods Mart – The New Quick Convenience Store

Los Angeles based retailer, The Goods Mart, opened its first mini market in NYC. It’s merchandised as if 7-Eleven merged with Whole Foods, where quick convenience items are curated with a better-for-you and better-for-the-planet filter.

Everything in the store is free from GMOs, preservatives, harmful pesticides and artificial ingredients. The friendly and knowledgeable store associate helps introduce you to healthy substitutes for convenience store staples, if needed – like directing you to yerba mate for a caffeine boost in lieu of Mountain Dew, or Newman-Os instead of Oreos. There’s even a signature 7-Eleven slushy substitute made with Brooklyn-based Kelvin Slushie Co. mix. Many of the store’s products are also from local brands – an intention the founder, Rachel Krupa, has to support the communities in which she does business.

Additionally, another set of intentions Rachel set is the focus around transparency, education, and accessibility. She wants to have clear and honest communication, help share information that supports healthier lifestyles and make it all affordable. For the latter, nothing is retailed over $15. And in the LA location, they also accept EBT, and they are working on the same for NYC.

Each store also directly connects with the local community and has a we > me mantra. In addition to featuring local products, they partner with a local nonprofit and give all tips to the organization while also explore other ways to connect, like co-hosting a Friendsgiving dinner for those in need. In NYC, they work with both the Bowery Mission and NYC Parks Stewardship.

With chic black and white branding, a bright and cheery store experience and a socially-conscious intention, this store is sure to be a hit, especially for discerning millennials. Good news for them: the founder hopes to expand to more locations, and cities, like Detroit, soon.

Visit @ 189 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013


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