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Steve Ripple joins Jacobs leadership team as VP of Insights & Innovation

Jacobs is thrilled to announce the addition of Steve Ripple, Vice President of Insights and Innovation, to the Jacobs leadership team. With over three decades of experience at Procter and Gamble and two decades of working exclusively on P&G’s business with Target, Ripple served in a variety of roles including sales, marketing, insights, category management, and retail design and innovation. This combination of merchandising marketing, category management, and retail innovation brings a unique skillset to Jacobs clients and Target partners. “I’m excited to have Steve on our leadership team. Not only will he shape our growing analytics and innovation teams, but he’ll help us work faster on new initiatives for our vendor partners and Target,” explains Jackie Gibney, President of Jacobs. “He’s known for his expertise in helping people look at the future and creating the plan on how to get there,” adds Jackie.

Planning for the Future

If you sit down with Steve to discuss what businesses need to do better, he’ll tell you it’s moving away from the mindset that the online business is a one-off from core business. “We are still seeing brands treat digital as a bolt-on, using whatever budget is left over from brick and mortar or other traditional marketing spends,” explains Steve. “This belief isn’t in line with how consumers have been shopping for years. Another approach I’d love to see retailers and CPG companies take is scenario planning. The best time to prepare for the future is when business is good so you can create important contingency plans that may be needed when the business landscape suddenly changes.”

In his new role at Jacobs, Steve hopes Jacobs vendors and Target will notice a new level of strategic thinking from the day-to-day grind of running a retail business. Steve explains that many of us are so focused on execution that we rarely stop to ask what are we doing and why. “Looking through many lenses of our business, as opposed to only POS or financial data, will help us to meet future demands of the Target guest,” adds Steve. Steve “Rip” worked on many department reinventions with Target, while at P&G, such as Baby 360 and Destination Beauty, and is excited to work on new initiatives that bring in fresh ideas, accelerate business, and uses the art and science that is critical in retail success.

Steve Ripple and the Jacobs team are able to work with Target and CPG brands to tap into new strategies to unlock new possibilities for growth by using the strong relationships and customer service models Jacobs is known for, and data and insights. “There is a tangible sense of humility and confidence at Jacobs that is missing from other companies and that’s what appeals to me,” says Steve, “I’m excited to work on a team that believes in listening more than talking and digging deep to find answers to today’s challenging business questions.”

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