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Shopping for baby just got easier at Target with clean labels

Target has launched a new clean icon for essential and personal care products, a new visual that represents products formulated without a group of commonly unwanted chemicals, which aims to drive transparency as well as save guests valuable time in their search for better, safer and more sustainable products. This way guests can quickly identify which brands are the real deal.

The icon is already appearing on product pages featured in household essentials, beauty and personal care, and baby categories, and will be coming into stores this month.

Reputation, trust and easy decision making are powerful factors, more so in the baby care market.
 New parents are trying their hand at sorting their babies’ care essentials, and we do not see them swimming in free time.

There are several baby care brands which have put safety at the core of their mission and are breaking ground in chemical-freel innovation. Although, one of the main challenges for these brands has been finding the right platforms and well-known partners where they can promote their products and reach their target audience. Organic baby food brand Piccolo, for example, has sought reputable partners in the parenting community and been endorsed by mums and dads running club Buggyfit, the UK’s largest baby swimming pool Water Babies and even the British National Childbirth Trust where lots of parents take courses.

However, even if they find the right partners, information is all over and requires that parents do a lot of research or are potentially already affiliated with some of them to come across their products. Some parents buy from smaller companies online and other direct to consumer brands, although it is understandable that many are just not willing to do that either for reasons of time or budget.

This is where Target comes in. As a large retailer, Target’s new move is making life easier for a much wider group of people who want to take care of their babies and protect them from all harm, but would otherwise not be exposed to these so called better-for-you products (or have the time and budget to buy from several different small companies). Even if parents don’t know what products are better for their babies, most wouldn’t just get something random off the shelf. Baby skin is especially sensitive and requires special care and so parents would naturally look for better and safer options. The inevitable downside previously was that the research process was extremely time consuming.

Target already had an extensive product line which included high quality and safer products. These included fragrance-free baby wipes and soap from Babyganics, natural baby and beauty brand Honest, and bath products from California Baby, to name a few. The problem was that these were not clearly differentiated from the rest, which made it difficult to any new parent to tell them apart from any other baby brand. New parents are a captive audience but they are also overwhelmed by the myriad of options.

Target’s Clean icon has just made life much easier on them by simply becoming shorthand for better and safer products – a sleep-deprived and exhausted new parent’s dream.

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