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Mark von Oven joins Jacobs as Director of Data, Analytics, and Design

Jacobs is pleased to announce the addition of Mark von Oven, Director of Data, Analytics, and Design, to the Jacobs leadership team. Mark spent over five years at Target, leading the Business Intelligence & Analytics organization where his main focus was cultivating and enabling a culture of data-based decision-making through data and analytics. Prior to Target, Mark spent 14 years at Procter & Gamble, building analytics solutions to understand, predict, and take relevant actions with Brands, Markets, Customers and Consumers.

“Jacobs is committed to building and leveraging a best-in-class analytics practice, which I am responsible for creating from the ground up,” says Mark “we aren’t weighed down with legacy systems or architecture, so I’m excited to innovate by creating infrastructure and solutions using the latest advances in open source platforms, tools and technologies.” Mark believes that, combined with the significant retail and CPG experience of the team, Jacobs is uniquely positioned to provide the analytical insights that can sometimes be overlooked in the industry.

Data-based Decision Making & Strategic Partnerships

If you ask Mark to discuss what businesses need to do better, he will tell you that there are still far too many decisions being made in retail that lack a data-based approach; especially in retailers with a long-standing brick and mortar presence. “Companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google don’t just make decisions based on data – they existon data,” explains Mark, “and as a result everything they do is guided by the data they collect, create and combine. Retailers like Target have made huge advances in the analytics space in the past 3 years and vendors who wish to create strategic relationships with them will need to step up their game with the insights they bring regardless of the categories, brands or items they are offering.”

In his role at Jacobs, Mark brings a deep understanding of how vendors at Target can play to win and drive profitable sales. Mark’s experience of having worked inside both P&G and Target gives him the knowledge of the limitations of both, and firsthand experience in the tough prioritization decisions that need to be made when deciding which analytical solutions to focus resources on. Mark’s role will help Jacobs’ vendor partners understand the needs and incentives of the merchandising community and the insight gaps they continue to have due to those prioritization decisions. Mark goes on further to explain, “At Jacobs Analytics, this is what we do. Our focus on that mission gives us the time, empathy, and passion to go after those unmet needs, providing vendors with the insights our retailer merchants are looking for.” Jacobs has a strong history of success with vendors in providing best-in-class Account & Category Management. As the Jacobs Analytics practice evolves, Target will continue to benefit from these functions and also be provided with a local partner who can quickly bring scalable solutions to discover new insights about their business. Mark adds, “if you want to create a sustainable, long-term strategic relationship with the retailers who will survive in this environment, bring the data and insights that support whyyou are asking the retailer to make those decisions, and continuously prove to them how those decisions are benefitting the Guest.”

Collaborating with Steve Ripple, VP of Insights and Innovation at Jacobs, Mark and Steve bringa combined 53 years of Analytics and Insights industry experience to Jacobs. Jacobs is a sales and analytics agency that helps vendors thrive at Target. For over 36 years, Jacobs has provided sales, operations, analytics, category management, and digital services for hundreds of brands at Target stores and online.

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