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Jacob's team member, and our very own "beauty-junkie", Irena Kuyath, recently attended Beautycon in Los Angeles. Beautycon blew records this year with over 30,000 attendees, over 150 brands, and 1,000 content creators. Beautycon is open to the public and what makes it a fantastic event is that the purpose is not to sell to retailers, but rather a way for brands to engage with their audiences. It's an experience that revolves around entertaining and educating.

As The New York Times said, "Beautycon is the Super Bowl of the beauty industry" and this year didn't disappoint! According to Irena, the top themes this year were: CDB, Cruelty-free & Vegan, Beauty Ingestibles, Brand Collaborations, K-Beauty, and of course - Influencers! Here are a few of the highlights and pictures Irena was able to capture. Want to know more about Irena's Beautycon experience? Reach out to Jacobs for more insights!

Target at Beautycon

"Find your sign and beauty picks that align.”

Target's booth was horoscope themed with each station filled with samples for attendees to try from brands at Target. Each station included information about each zodiac sign and highlighted each sign's character traits which aligned to the samples on display. Everyone loves free stuff and Target didn't disappoint with their swag-bag giveaways and the lines were crazy!

Influencers at the Target

Lauren Giraldo is known for her start on the former app Vine. Today she's primarily on YouTube with nearly 2 million followers and she often speaks about women empowerment around the world. Lauren and Target officially partnered earlier this year.

Raw Sugar

"Good for the body and nourishes the soul."

Raw Sugar is a brand founded in 2014 that promotes clean and healthy living through products that are packed with pure, natural, plant-derived certified organic extracts. They are on a mission to deliver these products affordably and yes, you can find it at Target. Their mission is working as their booth was attracting large crowds non-stop every day. Brand love can't be bought and this goes to show that the mission, products, and consumer engagement are working in an authentic way.

CBD Beauty

It's hard to escape the fast growing trend of CBD everything. KUSH QUEEN is one of the first brands to infuse CBD into cosmetics. KINGDM is a face primer and will soon launch a foundation infused with CBD.


The entire event was full of positivity and inclusive messaging. Self-care, feminism, and total inclusivity of gender, sexual orientation, race, ability, religion, and age were loud and clear. Messaging about self care is not only caring for yourself from within, but also living your fullest and authentic life. "Diversity shouldn't even be a conversation. It should just be normal. It's our responsibility to create a new legacy for our children," says Priyanka Chopa.

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