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“I love shopping at MY Target.” This is something that we hear often at Jacobs. Target Guests firmly believe that the Target they shop at is a little bit different than others and just right for them. It might be that their store carries one of their favorite items or it might be the amount of space that a Target gives to a certain brand or category is a little bit different. It may even be the location within an aisle, or even the store, is a little bit different than the Target store across town. Whatever it is, Guests love it when their Target seems just right and feels designed just for them.

At Jacobs, we get it. We have developed tools and analytics that help vendors and Target ensure the right stores have the best possible product assortment and space allocation which, ultimately, creates a store that meets the needs of the local Guest. We have produced multiple tools to segment stores by using machine learning to develop a category specific, data-driven approach to localization. Additionally, we have created a powerful proprietary tool called Neighborhood Analytics. Neighborhood Analytics, and the location-based data behind it, is the engine behind our segmentation work and brings an incredibly powerful level of local insights to every Target store.

Here are some of the ways we have used this powerful tool:

  • To dramatically improve a healthcare brand’s in-stock levels during the peak of the cold & flu season.

  • To identify the small number of Target stores that represent the vast opportunity in sales for a given brand or category.

  • To discover important “themes/features” across stores that can lead to a different segmentation, or different approach to national plans.

The benefits of working with Jacobs and these tools are happier Guests and increased sales, as those Guests can now find what they want, more easily, and more often than ever before.

If you would like to learn more about these and other Jacobs’ Analytic and Insights capabilities, just reach out, as someone from the Jacobs’ A&I team would love to share more.

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