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Black-owned or founded brands we love

In celebration of Juneteenth, this week we want to highlight some black-owned or founded brands that have caught our attention. Give them a follow on Instagram and support their business. Head to Target's Instagram account to find more Black brands to shop for at our favorite retailer. Having shelf space in retail is important, and so is supporting the brands on the shelves (and online). Here's our list of businesses that you can support during this time, and in the future.

TGIN - Thank God It's Natural

TGIN is dedicated to providing high-quality hair care for curls, kinks and waves. Founded by Chris-Tia Donaldson, TGIN is a manufacturer of natural hair and skin care products, currently sold in Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Sally’s Beauty, and Walgreen’s. Prior to starting her own company, Chris-Tia represented Fortune 500 companies in complex business transactions involving technology and open source code.  Chris-Tia earned her A.B. in Economics from Harvard University with high honors, and is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

In 2015, Chris-Tia was diagnosed with breast cancer.  During her treatment, she learned that having money could make the difference between living and dying when it came to treating this condition. In her observation, few organizations existed that provided support and social services to help women with transportation, child care, parking, or seeking disability leave from their place of employment.

Today, she uses her success in the beauty space to advocate for women experiencing financial difficulties, who are undergoing treatment, to highlight health disparities due to race and socio-economic factors, and to empower women to listen to their bodies through the tgin Foundation.

Shop it at Target!

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Hyper Skin

Hyper-focused skincare that helps you tackle hyperpigmentation + enhance glow. Founder Desiree Verdejo set out to create Hyper Skin after months of crazy breakouts while pregnant with her first child. At the time, she owned a popular beauty boutique and was surrounded by premium skincare products, yet couldn't find effective solutions in the market that catered to her so she created here own.

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BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages

Get your caffeine fix and support amazing causes. Founders (and childhood friends), Pernell Cezar & Rod Johnson, created BLK & Bold with a desire to make purpose popular. They welcome the obligation to equip young people with tools to live their best lives and overcome familiar unfortunate circumstances by turning a daily ritual, enjoying a cup of coffee & tea, into a means of giving back. BLK & Bold pledges 5% of its profits to initiatives aligned to sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness. Available at Target!

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BKLYN LEAGUE is a socially-conscious streetwear brand that sells fresh apparel, accessories and home goods. The brand was founded in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn in 2016 by Phaon K. Spurlock. BKLYN LEAGUE not only sells quality goods, but also gives back to Brooklyn.

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Urban Skin Rx

Urban Skin’s products are formulated with melanated skin in mind. No matter your skin concerns, there’s a product for you within the Urban Skin Rx collection. The creators of this collection, Rachel Roff and Dr. David Henderson, developed this line to address skin concerns that are typically seen in people with darker complexions.

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Black Girl Sunscreen

Sunscreen for women of color made with natural ingredients - available at Target. Their story begins with the need for melanin women to have a sunscreen brand that caters exclusively to them. From carrying expensive umbrellas to the beach and downright neglecting to go outside all together, the founder thought it was time to create a natural non-white residue sunscreen brand for women of color.

Black Girl Sunscreen uses no parabens, or other harmful chemicals while infusing ingredients to shield and moisturize melanated skin without the dreaded white residue common with most sunscreen.

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Just Rewind It

Art prints, accessories, apparel, pins and more from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Just Rewind It fully embraces the past, humor and self-awareness. Take a trip down memory lane! This shop is a passion project birthed by Maya Ealey. Officially launched in May 2017.

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