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Break through and stand out at Target with the virtual meeting

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Virtual Meetings. They are New. They are Different. You may not know it but you need a plan.

For the past few years, securing in-person meetings with the buying team at Target has become more difficult as the organization has transformed processes to support long term strategies. This has reshaped the partnership between CPG brands and retailers - the best way to create a lasting partnership is giving the gift of time. 2020 has accelerated the fact that retail businesses must invest in and adopt online collaboration tools that allow brands and buying teams to interact with ease across digital mediums.

That is why Jacobs has designed and developed The Virtual Meeting. We can help your brand break through and stand out. Let us be your guide in this new virtual environment.

Jacobs is an affordable way to get you ready for your next virtual meeting with Target. Our process and expert guidance will quickly get you from nervous to confident and on your way to a quality meeting. Our unique process and support will set you apart from the competition.

Virtual Meeting Process

We have a playbook to help you navigate the new virtual meeting environment and help you make the best use of your time with Target. We will host prep meetings and a dress rehearsal to guide you through the process. We promise working with us will save you time, quickly get you ready and improve your chances of a successful meeting with Target

Breaking Through

We will create a branded and secure showcase webpage to use as a meeting preview to engage your Target partner and bring more life and energy to the process. You'll be able to include video messages from your team and brand, highlight items, data and analytics, and present marketing and press assets. This is a unique way to help you stand out and create more engagement with your Target partners.

You have the resources, platforms, and a team with 37 years of Target experience giving you an edge in the new face of retail.

Jacobs is a fierce friend.

We believe in brands and the people that make them tick.

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