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The most common questions we get from brands - and how we help

As a fierce friend to brands looking for an edge at Target, we know how tough it can be to succeed on the shelf. Let's be honest, it's a jungle out there. We know the issues you and your brand face at Target. Our years of experience and our methods help you win at Target. It all starts with a question about your business. Here are our most common questions and requests we get every day from the brands we work with:

I have a line review scheduled in 2 weeks and I need something to give me an edge.

Remember, Target isn't looking only at the sales of your specific items, rather how the overall category can benefit long term. Many brands make the mistake of showing the success of their items, but often neglect to demonstrate how it impacts the overall category. Will your brand drive more traffic to Target? Could it potentially cannibalize higher margin items? Do you know how the Target guest shops your category? Jacobs can turn Target's perceptions of your brand into a discussion about who your guest is and how your brand can drive growth for the entire category.

I have had the same SKUs on the shelf for the last 3 years, how do I convince my buyer that expanding my brand will increase Target's sales?

Jacobs gives you the tools to allow you to expand distribution into more Target stores, resulting in accelerated and enduring sales growth. The proof is in the data. Like the previous topic, demonstrating overall category growth is the key expansion. Consumer behavior shifts rapidly and demonstrating a deep knowledge (that is current) of the Target guest is critical for SKU expansion.

I am spending so much time in Target's systems that I don't have time to focus on strategy.

Like most brands, you're probably managing items at other retailers with other systems. We see so many brands spending too many work hours just getting basic execution down that strategy becomes an after thought. Our Target experts manage the details of your Target business from item set-up to reporting to inventory management so you can focus on the strategic initiatives and relationships that move your business forward.

My instock metrics are green, but my boss keeps sending me pictures of empty shelves in the store.

Let's manage inventory together. Target's data may say that out-of-stocks are not a significant issue, however, the shelf begs to differ. You need to look at data by store, by day, and by SKU to determine ghost inventory. Jacobs' proprietary system, Flatliners, will result in increased sales and help you to understand the discrepancies between the visual instocks and what's on paper. In fact, we're pretty proud that brands that go through the Flatliners process grow an average of 12.4% vs. control stores.

How do I convince my buyer that my items deserve space on an endcap?

Secondary placement needs to be profitable. We'll expand your footprint at Target with new merchandising activity and make the case for promotional placement that aligns with Target's profitability goals.

I keep running expensive TPCs and Target Circle offers and I'm not sure if they are driving loyalty to our brand.

With our Loyalty Business Development program, Jacobs uses our portfolio of capabilities to build a profitable, share-growth plan for your brand at Target. Make your promotional dollars work smarter for you.

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