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VUCA Shopper Insights
What do you need to know about your brand in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world? 

Thanks to COVID-19, the entire retail landscape is evolving 5-10 years faster than expected and consumers are rapidly shifting to digital channels because they must. 


What you do next will define the existence of your brand a year from now and to survive, you must understand how consumers in this new environment are interacting with you and your competitors.  


Crisis leads to brevity and focus. Your buyer is likely more focused on a hundred different things right now. If you enjoyed face time with them before, your likelihood of maintaining that airtime will hinge on your ability to bring the most impactful information and recommendations in the shortest amount of time.

Shift into high gear

Find out how channel dynamics are shifting In this new environment, and whether your brand is ready for the digital future of retail as we know it

Have a contingency plan

Everything has changed. You need to be armed with insights that demonstrate you truly understand the new consumer and can position the retailer to disproportionally win with them.

Insights into action

Generate tangible, prescriptive actions to reduce lost sales opportunities and generate positive ROI on your investments

Get your shift together.

Jacobs sources consumer behavior and demographics metrics from Numerator, utilizing panel data to analyze consumers’ attitudes, interest and opinions on your brands.


We then combine that information with proprietary capabilities we’ve generated at Jacobs through years of retail experience and emerging technologies.  


Finally, our knowledge and experience with retail events such as a product line reviews enables us to curate and visualize the information in an easy-to-understand manner with actionable insights. Put Jacobs analytics to work for your brand and thrive in the new retail.

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